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Opportunity to change existing Aviab wheels to 2020 Aerox

Period: 4/1 - 4/15


Abiab​ Trade-in conditions

The conditions for trade-in as new are as follows.

Products that can be used normally

Existing products traded in are reused as parts or resold as used. For this purpose, only wheels that can be used normally can be traded in.

Products with Proof of Purchase

In the case of Aviab products, we check receipts, deposit slips, and card statements that can be used as proof of purchase to check the distribution history of the product.


A screenshot of the online order form is also available, and at least the purchase date and place of purchase must be confirmed .

Among Aviab products, products for special promotions (spawn products, promotional products, and refurbished products) are also eligible for trade-in, but the amount of compensation may be different.

Request separately for special promotional products

You can apply for trade-in for special promotional products such as spawn products, promotional products, and refurbished products.


However, the compensation amount may be different, so please apply after calling us in advance when applying.


If you are a secondary purchaser and do not know the details of the product, we will confirm it with the serial number.


*We do not accept products from other companies other than Aviab.

Abiab​ trade-in price information

The compensation price and purchase price according to the year and model of the existing product are as follows.


*A normal product refers to a product that has no defects in use (scratches, etc.) and is normally sold in stores (including online).

*Special supply (spawn, promotion, refurbished products) is set at a 20% discount from the existing wheel purchase price.

*Regardless of secondary purchase, if you are currently using Aviab products, you can apply.

* Some of Aviab's existing products (assembled products, penta forks, etc.) are not trade-in.

*We do not purchase wheels of other brands than Aviab.  

*Example trade-in price:

If the product being used is the 2018 AERO-X 50 CLINCHER, the purchase price is set at 1 million won, and if it is changed to the AEROX PROGRESSIVE 50 CL, the trade-in is 1.99 million won - 1 million won = 990,000 won.


*Trade-in for special promotional products:

The purchase price of special promotional products (spawn, promotion, and refurbished products) is set at 80% of the normal product, and in the case of the 2018 AERO-X 50C, the purchase price is set at 1,050,000 x 80% = 840,000 won, _cc781905-5cde-3194- If you trade in bb3b-136bad5cf58d_AEROX PROGRESSIVE 50 CL, the trade-in will be 1,990,000 won - 840,000 won = 1,150,000 won.

Abiab​ Trade-in procedure

  • Please contact the head office in advance by phone (070-8833-1148) or consult through the website bulletin board and send the wheel to the head office. A receipt, credit card statement, or receipt of deposit that can objectively prove the date of purchase is required.

  • Address: 2nd floor, 1314-7 Jungsan-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon TEL: 070-8833-1148 / 010-2864-1148 / Kakao Talk ID aviiav

  • In the case of unusable or partially damaged products, they will be traded at an amount minus the paid repair cost.

  • You can check the trade-in price of Abiab products in the trade-in table above.

  • We do not purchase products other than Aviab products. Once the product has been confirmed and the trade-in price has been determined, the applicant will be contacted directly.

  • If you decide on the model and color you want to purchase and let us know, we will create an individual payment window in the Aviab official shopping mall.

  • Once payment is confirmed, we will ship a new wheel within 2-3 days.

  • The warranty for new wheels is 1 year from the purchase date (trade-in date), just like regular purchases.

  • If the place you want is a bicycle specialty store, you can ship it to the store.

  • In case of installation in the store, labor is not included.


  • Trade-in can be received on Abiab headquarters website, blog, or social media.

  • When sending a wheel for trade-in, please remove all parts (tires, tubes, magnets, sprockets, etc.) except for the wheel before sending it. If it is difficult to remove or attach directly, the head office can attach and detach it, but labor may be added.

  • Parts cost (tubular tape, tubeless tape, etc.) will be charged separately.

  • Trade-in will be canceled if a normal product is requested but is found to be a special promotional product.

  • Trade-in is only available during the event period, and a separate trade-in price is applied after the period.

  • The original wheel sent after purchase is reverted to the head office and will not be returned under any circumstances.

  • Some products may end early when all prepared quantities are exhausted.

Trade-in inquiries



KakaoTalk ID: aviiav

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